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What Are You Reading?

During this past Fall, I joined a book discussion group at the local library which was led by one of the librarians. For our reading pleasure, she introduced ten books to us. Books that were about 300 pages in length, some nonfiction, some fiction. Occasionally a mystery but no westerns, romance or science fiction. Sometimes a biography or memoir.

There were about fifteen people in the group, people nearly retired or now retired from various professions. A few more women than men, which is normal for a group that gathers like this these days. Our librarian would kick it off with up and coming announcements of library events and then she would introduce the book to be discussed. She prepared a fact sheet about the book that we had just finished. This was helpful because when as we began sharing we could then refer to it for names, dates, places and such in case we had forgotten by the time we met. This happened!

Some nights, depending on what we had just finished reading, our discussions could get pretty lively. Opinions flourished. Afterall, we all come from different walks of life, places and times. It is what made the group so rich and full of life and character.

This past year several books were terrific reads for me. At the end of the cycle of reading, she asked us for our favored books. The ones that popped into my mind were the following:

Moloka’i, by Alan Brennet (fiction 2003), the setting is 1891 Honolulu, Hawaii, then Kalaupapa – a leprosy colony on the island of Moloka’i. Alan has a sequel, Daughter of Moloka’i, which he expects to be finished in 2018.

Grunt: The Curious Science of Humans at War, by Mary Roach  (nonfiction 2016), a respected best selling author of popular science books.

I hope you will take the time to read these books and will enjoy them as much as I did.



Sharon Smith was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest (USA) and owned a healthcare uniform business for many years. She also lived in Japan but presently resides in Michigan. She blogs about her experiences and observations touching on culture, lifestyle, and the people around her.

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  1. Mikaela Hicks on September 22, 2017 at 2:05 PM

    I am 1/2 way through Grunt right now and really enjoying it. I am also reading Mrs. Poe at your recommendation. Took a few chapters to get into it but so good I don’t want to put it down! Thanks for the suggestions Mom!